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Reg. No: 272652. Affiliated Under Company Act. (MCA India).
Sys. Authorized By: Ministry of Health & F.W. Govt. Of India For PDR in EH
Vide No: V. 25011-276-2009-HR Dtd. 05/05/2010

CLS board of Electrohomeopathy a dedicated resolution of Cureom Life Science private limited. Our dedicated engagement is Electrohomeopathy education, promotion and research along with manufacturing, marketing and selling of branded generics across the country.



To be an excellent board and institute which guide, develop and sustain a network of ‘Institutions of Excellence’ in education meeting the national needs for global trends and to regulate the practice of Electrohomoeopathic system of Medicine.


To establish, guide, develop and sustain through resource allocation, good governance and management, dedicated to the maintenance of standards and quality of academic study programs and practice of Electrohomoeopathic system of Medicine to national as well as global needs.

To establish a faculty with a view to conduct and control examinations and to award certificates and merits etc.
To certify permits, supervise and maintain Register of Practitioners.

To establish, organize, affiliate and/or recognize Teaching, Training and Educational Institutes, Colleges, Universities and Medical Corporations etc. To establish, organize, Finance and maintain Hospitals and Research Institutes. To do such other works which are in the interest of Nation, Welfare of Practitioners and betterment of Patients?

Our Dream

To established world class Electrohomoeopathic educational institutes and pharmaceutical company integrated in all therapy segments with dominant Indian leadership with ethical practice.

Our Work

  • Our core commitment is towards improving health care and creating value for all our stakeholders including patients, doctors, regulators, employees and business partners.
  • We will be committed to better education and quality  Electrohomoeopathic medicine . We will strive to do our best at every step of the chain by providing best of the products and services.
  • We will make ongoing efforts to innovate with our products to bring best of clinical practices in health care industry to our customers.
  • We will conduct ourselves with high integrity to ensure respect of our colleagues is maintained and their excellence is recognized; we will strive to provide best of compensation and career opportunities to our colleagues.